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As the world increasingly embraces the web3 era, decentralized identities have become critical to any web3 presence. The anonymity of many users can lead to unscrupulous projects engaged in online fraud and deception. At the same time, community members who are open and act publicly can gain trust and a positive reputation. Our product, Ideny, is designed to help users grow in the web3 space, earning their status based on every web3 activity and thus becoming more recognizable and trustworthy community members. Ideny is a product built on the BSC blockchain to identify and showcase a user's proficiency in the realm of cryptocurrencies. Your web3 identity is secured and cannot be transferred to other users. It is meant to serve as a testament to the user's expertise and is accessible on and off the blockchain.
Ideny community members are cryptocurrency enthusiasts who seek recognition and reward for their on-chain skills and contributions. The team behind Ideny is dedicated to creating innovative products and experiences centered around the Beacon, but others are free to utilize it as a permissionless API.
The Ideny product offers multiple advantages to a diverse range of users:
  • Ideny enables ordinary users to enhance their online presence and verify their accomplishments on the web3.
  • It provides projects with a swift mechanism to identify malicious bots and phony accounts that offer no tangible value to their owners.
  • Ideny benefits influencers by attracting new audiences through the Idens rewards system. Moreover, influencers can leverage the platform to showcase their content, prevent the influx of bots to their profiles, and validate the caliber of their engaged and paying audience, ultimately leading to greater earnings.
Last modified 7mo ago