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Personal page

Every Ideny platform user can create a personalized page that showcases their contact information, links to social media profiles, and, if desired, various wallets across blockchains. Each page can be enhanced by linking a specified NFT from the user's wallet as a profile picture. Moreover, users can attach an ENS domain to their account name, which will be publicly displayed. Without a domain, users can choose a custom name, subject to restrictions on using a dot (.), to prevent any unauthorized forging of names such as name.eth, name.bnb, name.arb, and so on.
Example of a filled profile
Upon completing a KYC with one of our partners, an icon will appear on the user's Ideny platform profile, attesting to their achievement. Moreover, users may be awarded a verification badge upon obtaining sufficient tokens from our project and passing our specialists' identity verification process.
At Ideny, we actively seek partnerships with projects involving cryptocurrencies, decentralized autonomous organizations, social graph services, and beyond. We envision a future where users can seamlessly navigate various platforms without undergoing separate KYC procedures.
Connecting to our platform via your web3 wallet lets you enjoy automatic identity verification across various platforms. If you already have a personal page on Ideny, you can immediately access your desired platform's services without additional registration or verification procedures.