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Idens is a system of rewards developed by the product team, which will be received by web3 users for their activities in the space. The owner of any web3 project can create a system of rewards on the platform, which will be awarded to users individually. Creators of Idens can choose any condition for getting an achievement. Below are examples of just some of them:
  • participation in a particular event (testnet, airdrop program, raffle)
  • attendance at social events (AMA sessions, Q&A sessions)
  • having a certain amount of tokens on the user's wallet or making a certain amount of transactions.
Each Idens award will have information about the creator, creation time, achievement value, transaction address, and owner. Received Idens will be permanently attached to the owner's profile. These awards cannot be transferred or sold on marketplaces.
Ideny achievements the users will be able to obtain for engaging with our project