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Ideny for influencers

Ideny offers a unique feature that enables influencers to create community pages, connecting with their audience and building a community of like-minded individuals around their brand.
By using the platform, influencers can measure their audience's engagement levels and improve their appeal to potential advertisers. This helps influencers monetize their content and enables them to create better content that resonates with their audience.
Furthermore, Ideny is actively developing its platform to include events such as AMA sessions, which allow influencers to share their knowledge and attract new audiences. By ensuring that the audiences are genuine and genuinely interested in their content, Ideny enables influencers to increase the value of their services to advertisers and attract more lucrative partnerships. This feature is under the development process. Our team urges to deliver it during the next phase of the project's roadmap. Follow us on social media for up-to-date information.