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Domain's registration

Ideny offers a streamlined and effective solution for registering domain names across all supported top-level domains (currently .eth, .bnb, .arb name service).
First, to register an unregistered Web3 domain, ensure that your connected wallet is on the same chain as the desired domain. Then, go to the Domains page through the menu and look for the desired name.
The search is conducted in three domain zones at the same time
You will be redirected to Web3 Names page where all the information about available domains is displayed. After the user chooses the domain zone needed, the system will offer to register the name. After signing the transaction via the wallet, the chosen domain will be automatically connected to the user's wallet.
The unregistered domains can be obtained from one interface
Ideny's system is completely integrated with the leading providers of the domain registration services. It means that all the users across the different platforms will see that the domain is already purchased.